Lake Placid VS Anaconda (2015) – Film

“Lake Placid VS Anaconda”

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A group of guerrilla scientists, trying to retrieve illicit samples of DNA from the Lake Placid crocodiles and combine them with giant anacondas, are killed, and in the process damage the gate to the Black Lake refuge which houses the crocodiles. 

This is the 5th installment in both the Lake Placid and Anaconda franchises.  I picked up the “Unrated” version.  It’s a fun movie, lots of people getting eaten. Anacondas and Crocodiles violating the laws of physics.  The CGI is not good, causing the kill scenes to be nearly laughable, mostly in a good way, but they knew what they were making and rolled with it. Besides, there’s plenty of bikini clad sorority girls, and a token frat boy or two, running around getting chomped and squished.

Sheriff Reba (Yancy Butler) returns ready to kick more crocodile tail and Deputy Ferguson (Oliver Walker), team up with Tull (Corin Nemec), of the Fish & Wildlife department, to track down the escaped crocs. To make things worse, Tull’s daughter, Bethany (Skye Lourie), is at Clear Lake, which neighbors Black Lake, on a sorority rush weekend.  Complicating matters further, Beach (Stephen Billington), who was part of the group of scientists responsible for damaging the Black Lake fence, allowing the crocodiles to escape, and Jim Bickerman (Robert Englund), a one armed, one legged, eye patch wearing crocodile hunter, lead the ruthless Sarah Murdoch (Annabel Wright) to Clear Lake, determined to find her giant anaconda before it lays it’s genetically modified eggs, regardless of the consequences.  

If you enjoy the other films from these series, you will likely enjoy this.  I found this entertaining.  I love these silly creature features, and they left things open for the next movie.

I gave this 2 1/2 fru fru drinks.  It gives the audience exactly what it promises, if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, let your mind check out and enjoy a few cocktails for 92 minutes of silliness and gore.

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