Android Apocalypse (2006) – TV Movie

“Android Apocalypse”

For more information follow this link.  Though, sadly, not much of information is available.

In dystopian, post-apocalyptic Phoenix, humanity had developed robotics and androids to protect the remaining humans from “dangerous” jobs, especially in the wasteland surrounding the city itself.  Animosity toward the androids, or Cogs,  has developed due to their placement in positions of authority.   Jute, a man convicted of murdering an android, & DeeCee, an android developing human emotions, must form a strained alliance to stop a plot by the leader of the androids to destroy the human race.

This SyFy Original flick was a pleasant little surprise.   The two protagonists, DeeCee and Jute, played respectively by 80’s teen idol Joey Lawrence and Scott Bairstow, and antagonist, Varrta, played by Troy Skog, were well written, engaging, 3-dimentional characters who had convincing chemistry.   I must note pro-wrestler, front man for Fozzy, Chris Jericho’s bit part in this flick.  The performance from the rest of the cast was stiff and unmemorable.

The setting/location was nice, though the CGI was flat.  The writing and dialogue was what you’d expect from SyFy, which is to say formulaic, cheesy and in a  couple places, downright inane. Though there were a few places that made me laugh out loud (and I really hope they were intentional).  I don’t normally care a whole lot about the “science” in science fiction, but the scientific “break through” made by the androids so they no longer needed humans is utterly ridiculous.

I gave this one 2 bottles of beer.   It was enjoyable to watch once,  unfortunately there’s little to make it worth watching again.

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