VooDoo Dollz (2008) – Made for TV

“VooDoo Dollz”

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After getting caught having sex in the school locker room, Christina is sent to The Dunwich School for Girls.  

This is a made-for-Cinemax erotic comedy from writer/director, Fred Olen Ray.  Yep, this is softcore porn.  As a comedic romp, it offers tongue in cheek performances.  It’s clear that the cast isn’t taking this too seriously and having fun mocking the typical genre tropes.

Christina (Christine Nguyen) arrives at her new boarding school and meets her new roommate, Maria (Charlie Laine), who has made voo doo dolls of the other girls, Jilly (Beverly Lynne), who is Maria’s primary rival for the affection of the school handyman, Jeff (Voodoo), “the only man around for miles,” and Sandra (Nicole Sheridan).   While Miss Santana (Syren) and Miss Dambahla (Monique Parent) conspire to sacrifice Christina to their god Pakumba.

The girls run around in stilettos, knee high white socks, and school girl outfits, flashing tons of white panties and bare…. pretty much everything.

So, I thought it was a cute little adult themed homage to the H.P. Lovecraft oeuvre.  If you’re into the late-night-erotic-comedy thing, you’ll like it.  I gave it 3 banana shakes.

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