Mega Piranah (2010) – Made for TV

“Mega Piranha”

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When a U.S. ambassador’s boat is mysteriously destroyed on the Orinoco River in Venezuela, the locals are speculating assassination and, special forces, Jason Fisk is sent to investigate what really happened.  

This Asylum ‘mockbuster’ offers the audience a few entertaining one-liners, topless women, terrible CGI, magically size-changing, randomly exploding fish, ’80s teen pop icon, Tiffany, and as secretary of state Bob Grady (so punny!), Greg Brady himself, Barry Williams.

Genetically modified piranha, engineered by genetics professor, Sarah Monroe (Tiffany),  as part of a “hydro biological experiment” in an attempt to increase the local food supply (yeah, piranha seem like a good choice for this, right?), have escaped from their research laboratory in Venezuela.   Though unable to convince the local authorities of this, she does persuade Jason Fitch (Paul Logan), the special forces agent sent by the state department to investigate a US Ambassador’s death, who, with the help of Monroe and her team of biologists, must save the world from the exponentially growing piranha menace.

One of the most annoying things about this movie is the overuse of the captions that pop up on-screen to tell the viewer what and who they are seeing.  I don’t mind this device for locations (unless, of course, the introduction is a sequence of aerial shots of the jungle with captions gratuitously explaining each shot), but for characters, especially when in 3 minutes or less, those characters will be introduced using dialogue, it’s just insulting.

Though it adds nothing new to the killer creatures or  genre, a person doesn’t watch The Asylum flicks, especially the mockbusters, for the creative originality.   That’s all I’ve really got.

I gave this 2 fru fru drinks.

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