Black Sheep (2006) – Film

“Black Sheep” 

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Henry Oldfield returns to his family farm after 15 years to resolve issues from a traumatic childhood experience.  However, there’s more going on than Henry realizes and it becomes brother versus brother as Henry and an activist fight to stop the disaster that has begun to take over the farm. 

This is a fun, dark, horror-comedy about genetically engineered zombie-sheep, out of New Zealand.  Full of amazing special effects by Weta Workshops (the same company who did the Lord of the Rings trilogy), an enthusiastic and cohesive cast, gorgeous scenery, and a very effective musical score. This film does exactly what it’s supposed to do, entertain.

The film starts out on a serious note as we meet Henry, our reluctant “hero;” Angus, his jealous, greedy, immoral brother, who will do whatever it takes to make a profit; Experience, an activist who wants to make the world a better place; Grant, who wants to save the world from “genetically engineered devastation” but has more passion than sense; and Tucker, the rough-around-the-edges farm manager with a penchant for one liners.  As the story progresses, the dark humorous tone is quickly set for the rest of the film.

I gave this film 4 rum & cokes.  Although the film uses some tired stereotypes,  it hits pretty much every point I look for in an entertaining film.

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