Cowboys & Zombies (2011) – Film

“Cowboys & Zombies”

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Bounty hunter, Mortimer, finds something unexpected when he goes to Jamestown while trying to collect a bounty.  A meteorite landed just outside of town and the miners accidentally release it’s spores, turning the town folk into zombies.   Now Mortimer, Rhiannon, the girl he bought for bait, and Brother Wolf, his bounty, must fight to survive.

This entertaining, low budget flick was a pleasant surprise.  Though the slim budget was obvious in the costuming and effects, especially the CGI and sound effects, the cinematography was well done.  The dialogue and chemistry between the characters/cast  was on target, and it was equally obvious that the filming location took much thought and work.  A lot of modern language was used, but I’d rather that than an inept attempt at the inflection of the period.  On that same note, I’m typically not a fan of modern music used in period pieces, but the score did fit the horror scenes, if not the western genre.

Overall, I thought this film was well done, even if the story relied upon cliche plot devices, such as the meteorite spores.  The story was engaging enough to keep me firmly planted in my seat throughout the film.

I gave this 3 rum & cokes simply because the ending was not what I expected, and that made me happy.

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