Netherworld (1992) – Film


#8 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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Young Corey Thornton inherits his father’s Louisiana estate.  When he arrives, he is given his father’s diary among other papers.  Corey soon discovers that his father wants Corey to bring him back from the dead using black magic. 

This is a Charles Band, Full Moon Feature horror flick.  All horror fans will have seen them and you know what you’re getting when you see those names on the box or in the credits.

The filming location and sets are beautiful, the music good, the  story concept interesting, and the acting (aside from a few awful faux southern accents and very stereotypical bit parts) was decent.  Of note is Michael Bendetti as the young easily lead Cory Thornton; Robert Burr, as Corey’s cynical lawyer, Beauregard Yates, Esq. and  Robert Sampson, as Corey’s late father, Noah Thornton.  Creative, cheesy, effects.  In many places and where they knew that the effects wouldn’t work, they still did them, but in the background slightly blurry so the viewer could still make the point.

Though the films overtones were intended to be very sensual, the clumsy execution made it come across as lecherous.  (If I was given a diary, written by my father, describing his sexcapades, I wouldn’t be so comfortable reading it.)

I gave this 3 fru fru drinks.  Though it was not a great flick, it was entertaining.   I’d seen it once about a decade ago and remembered parts of the film, so it was apparently at least slightly memorable.

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