I Was a Teenage Wereskunk (2016) – Film

“I Was a Teenage Wereskunk”

Movie #12: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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Curtis learns not to be a peek in windows the hard way when he is squirted by skunk while watching a woman through a window as she undresses.  Soon he finds out that it wasn’t an ordinary skunk,and has to come to terms with that idea his love interest, Mary Beth, may never be able to be his steady girl.

This film is freaking hilarious!  From the theme song (in the tradition of the great Burt Bacharach and The Blob), to the feel-good ending, I Was a Teenage Wereskunk really delivers!  Okay, so I was thrown a little by the Elvis wannabe number, but the rest simply had me in stitches.

The make up and costuming are simple and effective, a great nod to the rubber creatures of the 50’s features as is the over the top dialogue and the obviously not teen-aged-teenagers.

If you’re a cheesy Creature Feature fan, this Amazon Prime find is for you!

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