Zombie Shark (2015) – Made-For-TV

“Zombie Shark”

Movie #26 of the 31-days of horror challenge.

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Red Plum Island, clear skies, clear waters, camping, romantic vacation getaway. Actually, they need 4 to get the discount, so Jenner, his girlfriend, Amber, her sister, Sophie, and their co-worker, Bridgette, head out for a weekend of fun. An old base just off the island, supposedly shut down in the ’70’s used to experiment on sharks, but don’t worry, resort owner, Les, has lived there his entire life and has never seen a shark. But a dead shark, with a big chunk bitten out of it, found on shore turns out to not be entirely dead when it eats Jenner.

I love shark movies (the ones that are Made for TV are even more preposterous and fun than the ones made for the big screen starring once-popular famous entertainers are the absolute best). I love zombie movies. What an inspired combination! Bonus for being directed by Misty Talley, who has directed and/or edited a bunch of shark movies.

So the scientists that were experimenting on the shark, Dr. Palmer (Laura Cayouette) and Sargent Maxwell Cage (Jeremy Landon – and sadly, he doesn’t really look like he’s having very much fun making this movie.), call the experiment Subject Bruce, and had no idea that it could create more zombie sharks PLUS turn humans into zombies, too. I do love the absolute lack of logic that military trained security couldn’t survive the zombie sharks, but a couple of bartenders, Amber (Cassie Steele) and Sophie, could. And Sargent Cage never really questioned their ability after their initial meeting.

Let’s get back to zombie sharks. Sharks that turn into zombies. That can, at least somewhat, crawl onto shore to eat or turn their victims, and their leader is called BRUCE! I’m typically not a fan of CGI, but in this particular genre, it’s part of the charm. Even when… sometimes especially when… the film tries to take itself so seriously. This is definitely one of the more fun of the “tries to be serious” entries in the shark movie genre.

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