Bite Me! (2004) -Film

“Bite Me!”

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When a shipment of hybrid, genetically engineered marijuana gets delivered to the Go-Go-Sorous strip club, chaos ensues when insects that were delivered with it escape and terrorize the club. 

You get exactly what you might expect from this low budget, Shock-O-Rama flick by writer/director Brett Piper.  Bouncy, almost cartoonish music, campy stop-motion effects (and some crappy CGI), a cast who understands what they’re making and rolls with it.  The dialogue was snappy and the story flowed logically (come on, if you picked up this movie and chose to watch it, I’m assuming you have decided to suspend your disbelief for some ridiculous fun).

The characters were fun, over-the-top and I actually cared what happened to them.  Crystal, sweet, girl-next-door stripper turned-commando(“What’s gotten into you?”  “Spider venom, and I like it.”); Amber, sassy, lethargic stripper; Trix, innocent, clumsy, blind-without-her-glasses stripper; Theresa,  the mob boss’ widow; Buzz, the quirky exterminator; Gina, the kick ass bartender/bouncer; Ralph, the sleazy, club owner; and Myles MacCarthy, the bat-shit crazy DEA guy.

I gave this one 3 fru fru drinks, because this flick tells you what it’s going to deliver and successfully follows through.

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