Vampires (1998) – Film


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A ruthless vampire slayer and his team track down a master vampire who is searching for  an ancient Catholic holy relic that will allow vampires to live in the sunlight.

This must have been a hell of a fun movie to make.  It has a very modern gunslinger, western feel to it with James Woods as Crow, the almost savage (anti-hero), master vampire slayer, with full support and funding by the Catholic church. Kind of the “marshal” using whatever means necessary, only his own slanted sense of morality to guide him to take down the outlaw, or in this case master vampire.  His “deputy” and partner Daniel Baldwin as Montoya, just as ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes, until he falls for a girl, who has been bitten by the vampire they’re hunting, they’re using to track the master vampire.   Sheryl Lee is Katrina, the girl slowly being torn apart by the virus turning her into a monster, clinging to her humanity through a developing dysfunctional relationship with her captor, Montoya.   Then there’s Thomas Ian Griffith as Valek, the “outlaw,” who does a great job of conveying a dark beauty to the viciousness and evil of a master vampire.   Finally, Tim Guinee as the fresh faced priest, an idealist who has studied everything but  quickly discovers that studying doesn’t prepare for real experience.

The music and effects are exactly what you’d expect from John Carpenter, excellent.  This is an interesting story with a splash of romance, good character and plot development, and a little twist. A refreshing change from the “misunderstood, poor vampire” phenomenon.   The only problem I have with the flick is James Woods.  He’s a good actor, but just doesn’t seem to fit in this role.  He has the savage anti-hero part down, it just resonates off key.

I gave this 2 1/2 glasses of red wine.

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