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Movie #14: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Adam, a young painter, struggling to find inspiration, helps his neighbor out by driving him to a remote cabin, which ends up being a drug deal gone wrong.  They discover that Hector’s friends have been killed and stumble on a mysterious and beautiful woman, who follows Adam to his apartment, where she becomes his inspiration.  

This story is inspired by the Celtic folk tale of the Leannán Sí, a sort of faerie who serves as a muse to their human lover in return for their love and devotion.

An enjoyable film with characters with whom it is easy to relate.  The “villain’s” of the piece are a bit flat, but our focus is supposed to be on Adam, Riley Egan, and the Leannán Sí, Elle Evans and they are both talented enough to carry the film.  As the story progresses we see the influence of the Leannán Sí not only on Adam’s art, as his muse, but on every aspect of his life and his basic morality.  We see Adam’s nature change from a timid artist being protected by his muse, to near ruthlessness as he uses the Leannán Sí as a weapon.  This is a beautiful story of passion and obsession, and perhaps in the end, even love.

It has it’s flaws but it’s definitely worth watching.

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