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“Jaws 2”

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Set 3 years following the events of the original movie, we find the Brody family has grown and some concessions have been made in Amity due to the previous shark attacks.  However, when divers mysteriously disappear, the town council is unwilling to accept that there might be another shark hunting their shores.  A group of local teenagers, including the Brody boys and the mayor’s son, set out for a day of sailing when they cross paths with the shark and it’s up to Chief Brody to save the day.

This is a solid and well done sequel.  Not only does it follow the timeline of the original and deal with the psychological repercussions (or denial thereof for some characters) from the iconic original, it moves into the next generation.  Not just Chief Brody, but his sons are followed.  Also,the timing was right for this story, the beginning of the rise of the teen slasher films.

There is a different dynamic among the cast.  The story is split between following a group of teenaged friends (of note, this was Keith Gordon’s first feature film and is a good indicator of what a talent he is) out sailing, being terrorized by the hungry shark and the way they deal with the danger and loss of friends; and the father, who has been traumatized by a past shark attack.  The only one who suspects the new shark threat while nobody else wants to believe him.  Who discovers his sons and their friends have gone out sailing as the evidence mounts to prove there is another man eating shark hunting off the shore of Amity.

I really like this story.  The score is still amazing, of course, it’s John Williams.  The mechanical shark they use in this film doesn’t look as good as “Bruce” from the original.  (It’s a petty complaint, I know.)

I gave this 4 Bloody Marys, no it doesn’t have the magic that it’s predecessor has, but it’s still a worthy film.

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