Killer School Girls From Outer Space (2011) – Film

“Killer School Girls From Outer Space”

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A teenaged couple sees a falling star and decide to investigate.  They discover a space ship inhabited by killer school girls who begin their invasion of Earth with the couple’s small home town.

This is a spot on homage to the original Roger Coreman films.  From the stereotypical characters, acting styles and story formula to the outrageous villains (featuring the one and only Ron Jeremy as Father)  and pseudo villains.  Though the film is nominally set in the 1960’s, the film makers make no apologies for the modern vehicles, language and other errata (for lack of a better term), it is certainly a modern telling of a classic theme.

I’m not a huge fan of the zealous use of CGI in this film, but I understand the paradigm.  I do think this movie is worth watching if you are a fan of retro sci-fi and horror films.  The film makers were successful in creating a sci-fi/horror B-Movie extravaganza.   So, suspend your disbelief, keep an eye out for the little details and “in jokes”  and enjoy this movie.

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