Night of the Sea Monkey (2013) – Short Film

“Night of the Sea Monkey”

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A boy orders mail order Sea Critters.  When they don’t hatch, his mom spills them down the sink.  Later they return, mean and mutated.

A nice, short, dark comedy set in the 1980’s with a nod to comic book movies.  Great use of practical effects and only showing small bits of the sea critter so the viewers use their imagination.  This film managed to successfully build a back story and character development, as well as create characters that are engaging, in a limited amount of time.

The film makers and actors did a good job of maintaining that 80’s ambiance.  Sean Laguna did a great job as the young boy trying to learn the responsibility of pet ownership, but truly, Lynn Lowry, as Grandma O’Connor, was the star of this flick.  A true gem of an actress that played the senile old granny to the hilt!

Well worth it if you get a chance to watch this!

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