Feast (2005) – Film


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Patrons of a bar in the middle of nowhere suddenly have to fight for their survival as the bar is attacked by monstrous creatures intent on eating and procreating. 

A brilliant spin on a not necessarily new idea.  I loved everything about this flick, from the  great soundtrack, to the practical effects, make-up and costuming, to the little blurbs of introduction for each of the characters, the witty dialogue,  and the characters themselves, who start out as stereotypical yet evolve logically through the story.  I enjoy the fact that the writers set up expectations, then throw them out the window.  I really liked that the movie made me say “I can’t believe they just went there!”  And the gore!  Any “gore whore” will be thrilled with this flick.

The cast was excellent, each convincing in his/her part: Balthazar Getty as Bozo, the redneck jerk; Henry Rollins as Coach, the semi sleazy, looking for an angle, motivational speaker; Krista Allen as Tuffy, the woman who does what she has to; Josh Zuckerman as Hot Wheels, Bozo’s paraplegic brother; Jenny Wade as Honey Pie, the ditzy blonde; Niva Rowet as the Heroine who is holding it together; Clu Gulager as the take-no-shit Bartender, Judah Friedlander as the Beer Guy, former model turned delivery guy; Duane Whitaker as Boss Man, sleazy, self serving bar owner; and Eileen Ryan as Grandma.

I gave this flick 4 rum & cokes for sheer audacity.

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