Earth vs. the Spider (2001) – TV Movie

“Earth vs. the Spider”

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Quentin Kemmer is a shy, comic book geek and security guard.  After his partner dies during a break in at work, Quentin injects himself with some experimental serum that is being designed to give humans the abilities of spiders.  As he begins manifesting some “powers,” he starts playing the part of avenger.  Soon, he discovers that the changes are not stopping.  As his body begins to mutate, so do his abilities to make appropriate judgements, along with his behaviors and appetite. 

This made-for-TV film is part of a series filmed for Cinemax in tribute to American International Pictures.  These films have the same titles as the AIP films, but are not remakes of them.

Dan Aykroyd, as Detective Inspector Jack Grillo, overwrought, cuckolded cop,  still in love with his wife; and John Cho, as the comic book store owner are truly the highlights of the movie.  The rest of the cast did okay, but were not particularly memorable.  The make-up and effects were quite good, as was the story concept.   The idea that people believe that if a person has “super powers” he will be able to control those powers and use them to be a hero, only to find that he has become used by those powers as they change and begin to control him instead.

I gave this flick 1 1/2 cups of coffee.  Even though the story and script were meh, Dan Aykroyd  is always brilliant.

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