Eternal (2004) – Film


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Detective Raymond Pope discovers his wife is missing.  As he learns where she went and tries to discover what happened, he meets the mysterious and seductive Elizabeth Kane.  Pope soon finds himself drawn into something deeply sinister and his own questionable morals being used against him.

This Canadian film is based on the gruesome history of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.  Of course, for the movie, they immortalized and modernized as well as romanticized the story. It’s a pretty movie with lovely music and full beautiful people.

The dialogue is not particularly good. The antihero, Pope, played by former Kickboxing champion, Conrad Pla, was kind of a dick and not too bright, I found it hard to empathize with him.  Caroline Neron did a mesmerizing job as the seductress, Elizabeth, conveying a cool, hard, elegance.   The story was unique and entertaining, not deeply thought provoking and predictable.

If you enjoy beautiful people in sensual costuming,  blood and kinky simulated sex with a little thinly-veiled mystery thrown in, you’ll enjoy this.

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