Swamp Shark (2011) – TV Movie

“Swamp Shark”

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Small town Louisiana is preparing for this year’s Gator Fest.  The Gator Shack, run by the Broussard family, has a live gator show.    After a minor altercation happens at the restaurant, all the Gator Shack’s alligators are slaughtered and the arm of one of the men involved is found with the gator parts. Rachel Broussard insists she saw a shark in the swamp after this happened, but no one believes her.  Now she, her family and Tommy search the swamp to stop the shark from killing again. 

It seems that amid the rage of fantasy shark films, which are primarily comedies, this made for Sci Fi flick tried to be more serious.  With veteran actors such as the very talented Robert Davi, as the exotic and rare animal trafficking sheriff who has a crush on Rachel; Kristy Swanson, as Rachel Broussard, the over worked owner/operator of The Gator Shack trying to protect her family and lively hood;  and D.B. Sweeney, as Tommy, the Fish and Wildlife Agent investigating the animal trafficking.  The cast could only work with what they were given.  The story was good, but the supporting cast was one dimensional, likely due to the writing.

The CGI is rather detracting.  When you see the shark or gators it is supposed to be thrilling, but the  CG is almost cartoonish rather than horrific.  I found the soundtrack rather distracting as well.  Though I understand that the music is supposed to represent different situations, people and ages, switching from modern Rap to Southern Rock (or any other genre for that matter) is jarring.   Otherwise, the soundtrack was a good fit.

I gave this movie 2 glasses of red, red wine.  It was a weaker movie, but it it was entertaining.

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