Sharknado (2013) – TV Movie


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As hurricane David travels up the Mexican/California coast, there seems to be a lull in shark activity.  Suddenly there is a massive shark attack at the LA beach where Fin Sheppard’s bar is located.  As the hurricane starts to roll through, the people of LA find that sharks are swimming through the streets, being carried in on the flood preceding the hurricane, coming up the sewer pipes, and falling from the sky.  Fin and his friends fight to find his family and escape the Sharknado.  Time to suspend your disbelief and enjoy this peach from The Asylum Pictures.  The actors give a wonderfully over the top performance, in some cases, intentionally.  Of note are Ian Ziering, as Fin, bar owner, driven father, trying to help his friends and family (and random people along the way) and Cassandra Scerbo, as Nova, bartender with a past, loyal to Fin, assisting him.  John Heard has a bit part as the regular drunk at Fin’s bar.  Tara Reid adds an expressive (usually confused concern or defensive outrage) but otherwise vapid performance.

If you ignore the bad (or embrace the laughable) CGI, lack of continuity, and blatant ignoring of the laws of physics (and common sense), this is a fun movie with a good sound track.  I’ve still got “(The Ballad of) Sharknado” spinning around in my head.  Kudos to Robbie Rist and Anthony Ferrante for that.  (It is available as an mp3 for download, check your preferred mp3 site.)

It was hard to decide how to rate this flick.  There is the “oh dear, the stupidity hurts my brain and makes me dumber just for having seen it.” Yet, it took a lot of balls to make this and there’s no way that the film makers didn’t know it and run with it.  Basically this is a terrible movie but it’s very much worth watching for the sheer audacity of it.  I gave it 2 fru fru drinks.

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