The History of Future Folk (2012) – Film

“The History of Future Folk”

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An alien duo are sent to destroy Earth from the planet Hondo.  However, once living on Earth, they discover a love of music, start a band and begin performing music at a NYC club.

That was one of the sweetest indie flicks I’ve seen in a long time.  The music was charming, the acting well executed, the story simple, the effects understated and just overall, a well done movie.

The simple gimmicks used during the musical numbers that are mimicked by the night club fans are just one example of why this film works.  The setting ( New York), the premise, aliens hiding in plain sight because everyone thinks the musical numbers and eccentricities of the duo are quaint.  Even the naked determination of Kevin to pursue and express his new found love of an Earth woman is endearing (if at times awkward and creepy).

I gave this 4 fru fru drinks.  If you enjoy whimsical sci fi, give this a try.

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