Red Water (2003) – TV Movie

“Red Water”

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Struggling charter boat captain, John Sanders, is approached by the Discovery oil company and his ex-wife to lead an expedition on a Louisiana river to assess an oil drilling rig.  Meanwhile, a criminal organization is diving nearby for sunken treasure.  At the same time, shark attacks have begun on the same river and everyone is on the hunt. 

This rather slow moving made-for-tv movie, featuring veteran actors Lou Diamond Phillips and Kristy Swanson, not to forget the fun and colorful Coolio, seems to rely too heavily on the stunning scenery (amusingly – or sadly-, instead of filming in beautiful Louisiana, it was filmed in South Africa).  The acting was the only good thing about the movie. The plot, such as it was, couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, with a variety of villains and twists from which to choose.  I suspect that the film makers intentions were high drama and suspenseful thriller with understated violence rather than horror, but ended up with meh.  The effects are about what one would expect from this type of movie.

This wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen, there were parts that were amusing (the eye candy was appreciated) and suspenseful, but mostly it was rather unmemorable.  I gave this 1  beers.


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