Night of the Lepus (1972) – Film

“Night of the Lepus”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #10
An Arizona rancher, Cole (Rory Calhoun), is struggling with an overpopulation of rabbits. He had some help dealing with coyote’s previously which “worked too well,” but now he is looking for a more environmentally sound solution which balances the natural order. Luckily, Professor Elgin Clark (DeForest Kelly), knows just who to ask for help. Gerry (Janet Leigh) and Roy (Stuart Whitman) Bennett are nearby working on learning more about insects, and agree to try to help out by using an experimental serum to disrupt the rabbit’s reproduction.

Turn it on for curiosity, to see just what cheesy insanity could draw the likes of Janet Leigh and DeForest Kelly…  leave it on for the truly remarkable effects, including miniature sets to make the rabbits appear giant, and people in rabbit costumes. What a wonderfully bloody film!  Scenes of bloody people who have been attacked by the rabbits, scenes of bloody rabbits as they’re attacking, well, everything.  
If you’re a fan of the classic creature features, it is a must see.

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