From Beyond (1986) – Film

“From Beyond”

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Dr. Edward Pretorius has built a resonator machine, with the assistance of Dr. Crawford Tillinghast, to enhance the 6th sense through the pineal gland and see into another dimension.  When something goes horribly wrong during the experiment,  Pretorius dies and Tillinghast is hospitalized.  Dr. Katherine McMichaels, in an attempt to prove that Tillinghast isn’t crazy, wants to recreate the original experiment… with disastrous results.

This is exactly what one would expect from Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna and David Paoli with source material from H.P. Lovecraft.  Jeffrey Combs is brilliant as the heroic Crawford Tillinghast.  Though she is talented and had good chemistry with Combs,  Barbara Crampton might have too young to play the seasoned psychiatrist character,  Dr. Katherine McMichaels.  Ken Foree as the oddly named police protection, Bubba Brownlee was a wonderful addition with his excellent comedic and dramatic timing as well as adding eye candy to the film.

The concept was interesting and full of  mostly realized potential, but the story didn’t  always flow smoothly.  There was explanation about things that didn’t add to the story or character development  and minimal to no explanation where there could have been.  The make-up and practical effects are amusing, often very phallic.  The special effects were creative.

I gave this 3 1/2 rum & cokes.  Over all, a really good example of classic 80’s horror.

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