Silent But Deadly (2012) – Film

“Silent But Deadly”

Movie #5: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Rose moves into the Lakeview Retirement Community and discovers that it is not the restful environment for which she had hoped.  Residents are dying under mysterious circumstances, people claiming to see ghosts, and midnight trysts resulting in an outbreak of STDs… and this is only the first days.  

There are so many reasons to love this movie.  Starting with the cast: starring the still amazing Dawn Wells, as Rose, our sweet aging heroine; Camille Saviola, as the tough old Fanny; and Lee Meriwether, as the over-the-hill but still promiscuous vixen, Vivian; but also featuring such talent as Rip Taylor, as Norman, our cantankerous, mustache twirling first victim; David Proval, as leisure suit wearing Giovanni; Muffy Bolding, as Desperella, the sultry, full of double entendres, head of housekeeping; Martin Kove, as Hodge, the crazy, hearing impaired, weapons crazy vet; and Bruce Vilance, as Uncle Bruce, MC.   There is so much talent in this flick, if I go down the entire cast list, I won’t have room for anything else.

Co-written Jacqui Holland, who also starred in this as Kitty, the inappropriately sexy outfit wearing, clueless, ditzy, drug selling activities director, and Jason Lockhart, this is solid, well told camp fest, full of satire and the usual horror tropes.  Every character in this represents some sort of stereotype, even the cat-mask-wearing-pillow-wielding villain.  It even has a great soundtrack.

As silly and over the top as this movie is, I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.  Even though there is no real gore, and only a splash of blood.

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