Cannibal! The Musical (1993) – Film

“Cannibal! The Musical”

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Alferd Packer was a prospector/mountain guide for a group of miners.   Being the sole survivor of the expedition, Alferd was tried and convicted of murdering and cannibalizing his companions.   This is his story.

Based on the true story of Colorado’s only convicted cannibal, this  low-budget, indie flick is a unique interpretation of events  by Trey Parker, which was picked up and released a few years later by Troma.

The acting is expectedly cheesy.  The characters are likeable and often silly. Alferd, our soft-spoken cannibal; Frenchy, his trapper nemesis; Polly Pry, the  reporter with a soft spot;  and Shannon, James, George, Swan, and Frank, the main course… er… miners.

The writing  is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Trey Parker, even though this was his first full length film and 3 years before South Park.  The make-up and effects tread a line (in some instances dancing back and forth) between well done and tongue in cheek.   The musical numbers  (Cowbell solo!) & score are well done, especially if you’re a fan of dark, silly, satirical comedy.

This flick got 4 fru fru drinks for creative hilarity and sass.

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