The Italian Zombie Movie (2010) – Film

“The Italian Zombie Movie – Part 1 Zombie Abomination”

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 “The Italian Zombie Movie – Part 2 Zombie Atrocity”

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Bruno, a special forces veteran, his brother’s psychic widow, a succubus, her idiot boyfriend, a pair of aliens and the Michigan Militia join together to battle zombies reanimated due to  a secret military experimental inoculation. 

I picked up the unrated Midnite Mausoleum Summer Camp Special (Parts 1 & 2) at a film festival in Madison, WI.   This version includes snips from the Midnite Mausoleum hosts, interviews with writer/director/producer Thomas Berdinski, among other features.

Featuring the talented Jeffrey S. Bromley as Bruno, our hero.  A special forces veteran who just lost his brother, Dario, and, at the funeral, meets his brother’s widow, the psychic, Katriona, played by LaShelle Mikesell.  Katriona is being “treated” by the arguably mad scientist, Dr.  Falluci, John Mikesell.  Laurie Beckeman, is the succubus, Maria, Dr. Falluci’s employee who is trying to be on vacation, but ending up in the trailer of the local pervert instead, with her idiot, bigoted, misogynistic, boyfriend Ruggerro, played to to the hilt by Dan Grams.  In the area happen to be a pair of public service workers, Terry Madden, as Serrek, and Myron Erickson, as Saragon, who are actually aliens and stumble across the source of the zombie outbreak.

The Italian Zombie Movie is a no budget, 2 part indie film that offers a well thought out, rather captivating and complex, but not convoluted, story.  Combining elements of horror, sci-fi, and mystery, it is a surprisingly good homage/parody of 80’s horror, much of it obvious.

The dialogue is witty, the acting is pleasantly not bad (or pleasantly bad in some cases).  Great chemistry among the cast makes it easier for the viewer to become invested in the characters, even as the filmmakers blatantly mock and exploit stereotypical devices. The characters are engaging, well developed, and some amusing  developments and twists are revealed along the way.

The practical effects are creative, effective and, yes, cheesy.  There is plenty of gore to satisfy us gore hounds.  Also, it has a consistently fun soundtrack (The Michigan Militia Theme song is rather catchy).

This 2 part flick delivers exactly what it advertises.

If you’re a fan of micro budget indie film, or a cheesy zombie movie lover, this is a must see.  So grab a pitcher of margaritas, some popcorn and pop this in your DVD player.  This is a fun way to spend an evening.


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