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“The Device”

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Abby and Rebecca are sisters who have been estranged since a fight they had as teenagers, leading to an event that changed both of them.  Trying to rebuild their relationship, they return to their family cabin, spread their mother’s ashes, and hope to start over.  The ladies find some wreckage in the woods when Abby follows Rebecca who has wandered off.  In the midst of that wreckage is a mysterious device.

This is a beautifully paced independent sci fi/thriller.  Right away the audience is able to feel the awkward tension of uncertainty and unshared secrets between the 3 primary characters,  Abby, Calvin, and Rebecca.   The dialogue and chemistry among the cast builds and maintains an edgy feeling throughout, though the reason for that evolves with the story and each person is affected by the device in different ways..  The special effects are subtle, haunting, and very effective, leaving the audience wondering if the events happening are real or dream.

The style is very character and dialogue driven and the cast is more than capable of engaging the audience and carrying this type of story.  Angela DiMarco, is Abby, a young woman with who enjoys her life with her fiancee and is trying to repair her relationship with her sister, but is unable to face some very hard discoveries which leads to many of her perceived truths to unravel.  David Hogan, is Calvin, Abby’s fiancee, wanting to help Abby and her sister reconcile, wanting to be accepted and liked by Abby’s family.  At first his character seems almost redundant, it’s a credit to how well written and cast this film is that Calvin is so successfully such very creepy character, yet one with whom the audience can easily empathize. And Kate Alden, is Rebecca, Abby’s sister, whose wounds run far deeper and more surreal than Abby is capable of accepting.

Although I really enjoyed the slow and steady build of suspension, and I thought the ending was well planned, set up, and executed, I thought the climax was a bit subtle.  I realize and appreciate that the filmmakers were not going for ostentatious, but an extra bell or whistle would have been nice.  Not necessary, strictly speaking, but nice.

I completely enjoyed this film and recommend watching it if you have the opportunity.

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