Snakes on a Plane (2006) – Film

“Snakes on a Plane”

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While vacationing in Hawaii, Sean witnesses a murder.  Although he doesn’t come forward, the people responsible track him down.  So do the FBI, who take him into protective custody and fly the red eye to L.A.  However, the flight has some unexpected passengers.

Although this film is billed as an action/thriller, there is no way the film makers didn’t know they were making a horror comedy.  However, this was silly.  This is without a doubt a  “suspend your disbelief and enjoy” type of movie.

Kenan Thompson, as Troy, the video game playing sidekick; Lin Shaye, as the experienced flight attendant; Bruce James and the very enthusiastic, metrosexual, effeminate flight attendant; David Koechner, as the crude, wanna-be-womanizer, co-piolet; and Sam Jackson at his iconic, foul-mouth best, as Agent Neville Flynn, hero extraordinaire (I don’t know how he does it but he can pull off intense, angry, dark comedy like no one else); are the oasis in the miasma that is the story.   Their performances reflected the dark humor and absurdity throughout the movie.  The rest of the cast seemed to be trying their level best to create a plausible thriller and seemed oblivious to the humor.

It featured a very energetic score (the song at the end credits, by the band Cobra Starship, is a lot of fun), tons of terrible CGI, a small dose of minimally bloody gore, some well delivered one-liners and plot holes that a plane could fly through.  Still, it successfully entertained throughout.  I gave this 2 shots (of anti-venom, ha-ha).

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