Pieces of Talent (2014)- Film

“Pieces of Talent”

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Charlotte wants to be an actress.  She has been working as a waitress at a strip club to make ends meet.  One night she meets David, after a bouncer had seen him filming the club and beat him up in the ally.  David tells her that he makes movies and as they talk, he offers her a part in his new project which she accepts.  She is the one key piece of talent he needs for his project.  

Full of beautiful cinematography, an enthusiastic and talented cast, practical gore effects,  and an outstanding soundtrack, this film is a treat for the audience.

The relationship dynamics between Charlotte, her mother, and David are well developed.  It is clear from the beginning that her mom is irresponsible and resentful of her.  And yeah, I know I have a rather odd sense of romance, but I really felt and appreciated the romantic build up between Charlotte and David.

There is terrific chemistry between the main characters, Kristi Ray, brings life to Charlotte, our heroine, sweet, jaded, want-to-be-actress, whose dreams are constantly being shot down by her mother, and by the sad reality of her job; and David Long (who according to the credits is playing himself), is one of the best, most charismatic characters I’ve had the opportunity to watch in a long time.  Always seeming to be filled with a wide-eyed, innocent sort of joy and charm, while committing the most shocking acts of violence.

If you are a fan of well executed independent horror, do yourself a favor and visit their website and order yourself a copy of this film.

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