Sand Sharks (2011) – Film

“Sand Sharks”

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Jimmy Green returns to the island of White Sands to throw a Spring Break festival that he hopes will revitalize the economy and redeem his reputation.  Meanwhile, mysterious attacks on beach goers have the local sheriff’s department call in a shark expert to keep the community safe. 

This is a (sometimes nearly shot for shot) parody of film greats such as Jaws and Tremors.  Hey, this is my interpretation of film greats here.  Corin Nemic does an excellent job as sleaze salesman with a deeply buried good heart, Jimmy Green, with his charming good looks.  Brooke Hogan as shark expert and heroine, Dr. Sandy Powers is exactly what she needs to be as the parody parallel to Dryfuss’ Dr Hooper.   Eric Scott Woods does a solid job as our co-hero, Sheriff John Stone.

This was a good horror-comedy, especially for it’s sub-genre.   A successful homage to creature feature classics (both mainstream and b-grade).

I gave this flick 2 1/2 fruity-girly drinks.

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