Super Shark (2011) – Film

“Super Shark”

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An oil drilling platform, which had been using illegal chemicals to assist with drilling, releases a giant Super Shark which destroys the platform. Then, drawn by radio waves, eats and destroys everything emitting a radio wave along the coastline.  Kat Charmichael hires Skipper Chuck to help her investigate the circumstances around the platform tragedy.  Now they spearhead the hunt for Super Shark, a primordial shark capable of flying and walking on land.

From one of the minds responsible for “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.”  I think I would have enjoyed this movie far more had I been drinking… a lot.

The effects were not good, likely it was intentional as well as low budget.  It was clear that the film makers were attempting to do a modern day version of a cheesy Golden Era creature feature, homage to the classic Coreman flicks.  The key elements were there: sexy, smart female scientist Kat Carmichael, played by Sarah Leving; and becomes romantically involved with the handsome, gritty, local  who knows the area and has a specialized skill which makes him invaluable, Skipper Chuck, played by Tim Abell; and the slippery Oil Mogul who would do anything for profit, Wade, played by the always amusing John Schneider.

Then we have a creature released from the bowels of the ocean by our slippery Oil Mogul’s greed.  A giant super shark with a voracious appetite and the ability to fly and walk on land.  All of this, plus the U.S. Military using a new robo-tank to try to stop it.

I gave this 1/2 of a Bloody Mary.  I understood what was intended, I just didn’t find it effective, maybe it was the direction, maybe the editing.  I’ve seen it, I had a laugh, I groaned, I face palmed.

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