Attack of the Herbals (2011) – Film

“Attack of the Herbals”

Movie #17: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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Jackson returns to his home town on the Scotland coast to find that the Post Office his grandparents own is the only business left in the village not owned by the rich, arrogant Bennett Campbell.  Trying to find a way to save the Post Office, Jackson and his friend find a crate washed up with what appears to be herbal tea.  They bag it up, sell it, and the villagers love it, but it starts to have some unusual side effects.  

This indie flick from Scotland starts out strong, after the first 5 minutes, a fantastically written, directed, and executed scene, the film makers spent so much time on set up and character back story (some of the characters are actually worth exploring, but in a more concise manner, please), I started to question if there would actually be any horror in it.  But it does come around and deliver a nice, well thought out zombie story… well, their interpretation of zombie in any case.  Low budget shenanigans, but raw talent is there, not just in the acting, but all aspects of the film.

Seriously though, who isn’t at least curious about a movie where a village is turned into zombies by Nazi Zombie Tea?  What a gimmick!

I love international zombie movies.

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