Fungicide (2002) – Film


Movie #16: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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A young scientist conducting experiments in his parent’s basement is forced to go on a vacation to a Bed and Breakfast.  When he gets there, he trips and his briefcase of experimental goo bursts open and spills between the cracks of the deck.  As the mad scientist goes even more mad, it’s up to the hippy B&B owner, Major Wang, a former professional wrestler, and a real estate agent to save the world from the giant mushroom invasion.

Well, that was a choice I made.  What an incredibly phallic movie I just watched.  Absolutely nothing subtle about it.

Actually, I give these people mad props, they took their budget (which was $140 according to IMDb) and made some costumes, some dummies, some puppets, didn’t shy away from utilizing family and plastic/rubber weapons, awful computer graphics,  and had fun.

This was writer/director Dave Wascavage and writer Mary Wascavage’s first movie.  It’s actually got enough heart that I’m interested enough to look and see what else they’ve done, what they’ve learned and how they’ve improved as film makers.

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