Housesitters (2018) – Film


Movie #19: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018 

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When Angie gets her and her friend, Izzy, a crazy awesome house-sitting gig, they load up Pappy’s porn box and other supplies.  The instructions from the guys who hired them are to go nuts, and they’re given a platinum card, they proceed to do pretty much everything you don’t want house-sitters to do.  

Housesitters is a no-budget supernatural/demonic/stoner horror that is wacky and nonsensical.  The characters are silly and more than a little annoying, but some of them are actually developed.  The little green demon monster is super adorable!  Absolutely my favorite part of the film.

This short film is set up as 2 shorter “parts” with a sort of intermission that makes no sense what-so-ever and looks like someone took the rejects of a CGI animation attempt and made a story with them.  Otherwise, the filmmakers didn’t really try to over-extend their technical capabilities and stuck to fairly basic techniques.

Overall, the movie has a lot of energy and moves at a fairly good pace.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for most people and would recommend some heavy drinking be involved while watching this.


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