Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) – Film

“Manos: The Hands of Fate”

Movie #20: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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A family gets lost while looking for their resort, Valley Lodge, and instead stumble across the compound of a cult.  

So, I watched this because I’d heard it was one of the worst movies ever made, yet people appreciated it enough to make a sequel of it, and it’s on Amazon Prime.  It’s not a good movie, but, as always, there are good parts so focus there.  Torgo is the best part.  The costuming is wonderful, I love the brides dresses and that robe!  The painting of the master is creepy.  Not in a haunting way, but in a “you make me feel dirty with the way you’re watching me and now I need a shower to get the feel of your eyeballs off me” way.  Yes, I consider that a good thing because it was  one of the most effective things on the set that created an appropriate ambiance.  Zealots are always scary.

The master approves.

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