Ninjas Vs Vampires (2010) – Film

“Ninjas Vs Vampires”

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The Ninjas are back!  Well, they never actually went away, they have continued to fight the forces of evil incognito.  When the Ninjas rescue Aaron and Alex, and things don’t quite go as planned, they quickly realize that the only solution is to join forces against the vampires.

The folks at the Endlight Entertainment bring back our very likable heroes from Ninjas Vs Zombies and plenty more awesome (if you remember, I pretty much love this series).   In this second installment of the Ninjas’ tale, the audience can see an improvement in most areas.   Whether it’s in the actors added experience or the editing, the fight scenes are much better.  They are less stilted and more natural looking, though there is always room for improvement.  The dialogue, though still full of amusing pop culture references, is more solid.  The story itself, doesn’t seem as strong, but it does make sense, moves along at a good pace, and has a logical (well, logical for the world it’s set in) conclusion.

The film makers use more CG effects in this film.  Again they may not be the best quality, but I don’t think they are over used, nor do they detract from the overall story.  Indeed, I think they work quite well with what is trying to be accomplished.

Similarly, the acting in general is noticeably better.  The chemistry still there, even with the addition of the 2 new characters, Aaron, our newest ninja, played by the talented and endearing Jay Saunders, and Alex, the girl bespelled to forget, the love of Aaron’s life, and the one the vampires are looking for, played by the lovely Devon Brookshire.  The new villains, the Master Vampire, Seth, and his companion, Lorna, make an effective pair.  Liz Christmas, who plays Lorna, brilliantly brings life to the character, making her a playful, gleefully wicked, coquette.

Costuming in this film is more extravagant. Though they are mostly well crafted, sadly, due to the low budget, some of the more outlandish costumes come across as just cheesy.  Also, though I don’t think that there was any real need that the characters Ann and Lily needed to embrace the whole goth/dominatrix dress, I can totally dig the desire to dress sexy -show your stuff ladies.  Plus, Lily is really pretty bad ass.

With another great soundtrack (they should totally make these soundtracks available for sale), and a fun, catchy theme song (played at the end credits), I gave this movie 3 1/2 glasses of blood red wine.  And you can bet I’ll be back again with the 3rd and final movie of this trilogy.

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