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“Warm Bodies”

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This is the story of R.  He’s one of the shambling dead.  One day while out searching for food with his friends, he sees Julie and after eating her boyfriend’s brains and absorbing the memories, something in him starts to change.  R takes Julie home with him, protects her, and she realizes he’s different than the other shambling dead, he’s getting better.  Together they must convince the surviving people that the dead are changing. 

This movie claims to be inspired loosely by the Romeo and Juliet story.  I guess I can see the “star-crossed lovers” theme, and a few homage scenes, but that’s really where it ends.  Where Romeo and Juliet was never intended to be an example of idyllic romance, rather a satire of the foolishness and immaturity of young love, Warm Bodies is a supernatural version of love conquers all sorts of adversity.

The characters are fun, engaging, and evolve throughout the film.  The cast is talented and obviously have fun.  Nicolas Hoult, gave quite a nice performance as our shambling dead hero, R.  The narrative of his thoughts throughout the movie is very entertaining.  Teresa Palmer, as Julie, our optimistic heroine, trying to convince her father that zombies can change.  John Malkovich, as Julie’s father, though a small role, has his usual large presence.  However,  it was Rob Corddry, as M, R’s best friend, who really stole the show with his unique intensity and excellent comedic timing.

The “reality” in which this film is set, zombies talk. It’s part of the plot.  And here’s where I interject that I have opinions on zombies (the walking dead vs infected; shamblers vs runners).  I prefer my zombies to shamble, rot, react only on the most basic level to stimuli.  I am able to appreciate if there are reasons for other zombie-like creatures in film and print.  Therefore, I accept the premise in this movie because the canon for the zombies and bonies seem well planned and addressed as the story progresses.

I think whether you can suspend your disbelief and accept the world the film makers created or not, there will be no argument that this film has a great soundtrack, featuring John Waite, Bruce Springsteen and more, .

I thought it was a light, cute, decent flick  for the teen/tween audience that appear to be its intended target.  If that’s not what your looking for, you probably won’t enjoy it as much.  I thought it delivered exactly what it was supposed to .   I gave this 4 cans of soda.

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