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“I, Frankenstein”

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A continuation of the Frankenstein story, immediately following, then jumping ahead 200 years after the events of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.  It is a tale of good versus evil.  Our anti-hero, Adam, Frankenstein’s Monster, unwillingly caught in the middle of a centuries long war between Gargoyles and Demons.

Sadly, this is a case where a very talented cast can only carry the film so far on a weak script.  Bill Nighy’s incomparable presence as Neberius, the Demon Prince, is intense, if a bit type cast.   Aaron Eckhart, in the title role as Adam, Frankenstein’s Monster, gives us a prettier more human version of the monster.  Yvonne Strahovski,as Terra, the scientist who is unknowingly working for Neberius, trying to find the key to reanimating dead flesh and extend life.  And Miranda Otto, as Leonore, the Gargoyle Queen, defender of humanity, struggling to resolve where Adam fits in, his protector and his persecutor.

The film is heavily CGI, intentionally, as it is based on a 2009 graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux.  It is a fascinating concept, with well thought out motivations, yet the characters are too underdeveloped for such a grandiose plot.  This films success is also its major weakness.  It is a very pretty film, but it relies too heavily on imagery rather than a balance of  visual and storytelling.

The movie kept my attention throughout,  I engaged with the characters to some extent and once I accepted the film for what it was, I enjoyed a simple action/sci fi/fantasy.  I gave this 2 1/2 cups of cocoa.


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