Love in the Time of Monsters (2014) – Film

“Love in the Time of Monsters”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #18

Sisters, Marla and Carla, travel to a cheesy tourist resort, Uncle Slovko’s All American Family Lodge, to surprise Carla’s fiance, who works there as a Bigfoot.  Everyone is in for a surprise when the Bigfoot costumed guys encounter a toxic substance, turning them all into real monsters.  

This indie, horror-comedy featuring Kane Hodder as the head toxic-bigfoot-monster, and Doug Jones as Dr. Lincoln, I couldn’t pass this up.  I love that the monsters are actually guys dressed up in monster costumes.  The rest of the cast is hit or miss, Ben Palacios as Big Kahuna the entertainer, is a notable hit, as is Danny Vasquez, as Armando the oversexed bartender.

Though the story has been done before, this film was executed wonderfully.  Add, if a not completely solid dialogue, at least actors who have solid timing, really good music, great practical effects (both serious gore and over-the-top), and a sweet little twist, the result is a movie worth watching.

I can’t think of a reason not to recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a horror comedy that manages to work in a dance number as an important part of the plan to create a cure.  As you can tell, I was swept up in the fun of the movie, which, I felt makes this a successful film.

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