Feast 3: The Happy Finish (2009) – Film

“Feast 3: The Happy Finish”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #19

As before, Part 3 picks up directly where Part 2 left off, the survivors numbers continue to diminish.  They encounter new potential saviors, including Shitkicker, The Profit, and Jean Claude Seagal, and discover that the creatures originated at a place called “The Hive.”   As the survivors seek shelter in and try to escape through the sewers trying to get to the big city.

The franchise continues to skip back and forth over the WTF line, giving the audience the same grotesque offerings as in the first 2 films.  The introduction blurbs for old and new characters are back to the same style style as the first film, rather than the interview style in Part 2.  By now, the audience understands that clever characters aren’t exactly rewarded or given a very long life expectancy.

With most of the setting being in sewer tunnels, it is a darker film.  Amusingly, the tunnels never imply a real feeling being closed in, there is always an open are for large fight scenes.   There is one particularly annoying scene lit with a slow pulsing strobe effect that I had trouble watching because it looked like  a series of stills rather than motion pictures.

I’m not sure that Part 3 entirely wraps up the story line, regardless of “The Happy Finish” part of the title.  Not that I’d encourage it, but if they do decide to continue the franchise for any reason, they left it open enough to go in quite a different direction.  I thought that the movie was worth watching, if only for the end, especially the ending song.  I definitely have questionable taste.


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