Milfs vs. Zombies (2015) – Film

“Milfs vs. Zombies”

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31 Days of Challenge: Movie #7
When a group of moms get together for a few drinks, ladies night is disrupted when the dead rise and over run their town.

The story is pretty straight forward and requires no real thought. Full of nudity, over-the-top (in some cases out right bad) acting, outrageous stereotypes, and a ton of practical gore effects (there is a lot of attention to detail), this film needs to be enjoyed with a few strong drinks. Some of the crazy highlights you can expect include a man dressed as a baby wielding a long sword, death by a zombie squirrel, and a zombie beaten with an adult toy.
I really enjoy movies where it’s obvious that the cast is having fun making it, and in this film, it really is.  I found this film entertaining, but I may have questionable taste. 

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