Texas Voodoo Zombies (2016) – Film

“Texas Voodoo Zombies”

31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #6

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Doobie is on probation and his hard-ass p.o. is onto his tricks. Living with his sister and her boyfriend, trying to be straight, Doobie finds that having a job is just too much work! His current girlfriend is competing with his ex-girlfriend for a fitness dvd deal, and his ex-girlfriend will stop at nothing to get him back, even a little voodoo.

*sigh* Anything that claims the title “Texas Voodoo Zombies” is (or should be) horror. This is a very slow burn, with a lot of set up, and a few extra story lines that are far from horror, this film takes it’s own sweet time getting to the voodoo and the zombies. But when it gets there it picks up for bit. There are a few entertaining scenes. The make-up isn’t too bad. There is a touch of CGI blood splatters, but mostly practical effects and make up. Sprinkled with pop culture references and language tropes, the dialogue is hit and miss.

I was really disappointed with the big “reveal” at the end. Although there were things that I did enjoy, overall, I don’t think I’m the target audience for this one. I hope, if someone else chooses to watch this, that they enjoy it more than I did.

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