D. C. Cab (1983) – Film

“D. C. Cab”

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Young, fresh faced Albert, just arrived in Washington D. C. with the dream of starting his own cab company.  His father’s old buddy, Harold, runs D. C. Cab, so when Albert needs to learn the ropes, Harold and his crew teach him about being a cab hack. 

This early 80’s, feel-good, ensemble comedy by Joel Schumacher, is about typical for the time.  Full of questionable (sometimes cringe-worthy) humor, car chases scenes, over-the-top acting, a fun soundtrack, and a flame thrower, this is an amusing little gem.   I realize that some people might take issue with some of the humor content.  Yes, in places it definitely crosses the line, especially when viewing it 30-years after it was made.  However, we can look back at the films made over the last 100+ years and see how film has evolved.

Featuring Adam Baldwin, as the idealistic young cab hack, whose raw talent is the glue that really holds the movie together; Max Gail, the jaded, nearly burned out cab company owner;  Mr. T, sermonizing bad-ass with a heart of gold; Gary Busey, conspiracy theorist who may have fried his brains with too much drugs and alcohol; Paul Rodriguez, as the self proclaimed cabby gigolo;  Marcia Warfield, hard working, end-of-her-rope, sexy cab hack; Bill Maher, laid-back musician waiting for a break; Whitman Mayo, as the aphorism spouting bum who helps around the cab company; The Barbarian Brothers (enough said); Jill Schoelen, as Albert’s love interest; John Diehl, as a kidnapper; and even a bit part by Patricia Duff.

I give this 3 beers.  This comedy is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a rude, crude, raunchy good time, watch D. C. Cab.

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