Deadly Species (2002) – Film

“Deadly Species”

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After being denied funding from the university, Professor Brinson Thomas receives a call from wealthy, self proclaimed cryptozoologist, Wilson Friels.  Friels has decided to fund an expedition into the Florida Everglades  to find a lost tribe of Native Americans.

The setting and scenery is beautiful and the concept is intriguing.  The little bit of gore is decent (“Those wounds are 4-5 inches deep!”).  The soundtrack, and sound in general, is hit or miss.  Sometimes sounding like it belongs in a porn flick, sometimes perfectly appropriate.

The dialogue is downright hokey, the pace slow, the acting mostly stiff, and there is plenty of gratuitous nudity (which may or may not be an asset depending on your point of view). The actors tried so hard to convey seriousness, but failed to execute intensity and without points of humor to break it up, just came across as monotonous.  In one scene,  an actress is having hysterics, one of the actors actually has to turn his head away from the camera because he is laughing.  The creatures, well, I didn’t see any zippers.

I gave this 1 1/2 shots.  Not good enough to be Meh, but depending on how drunk I get, I might revisit it.

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