Mosquito (1994) – Film


Movie #13 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge

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Giant mosquiotos are killing people in the campground. A small group of survivors fight to figure out what caused the menace and how to stop it.

This creature feature from the mid 90’s makes about as much sense as the ones from the 50’s…. sometimes less… but it’s a lot of fun. Featuring Gunner Hansen, as Earl the mullet haired bankrobber (and yes, he gets to weild a giant chainsaw in this) and Ron Asheton, as Hendricks the park ranger, this was Gary Jones’ directorial debut, he went on to direct other meh quality creature and made for tv features. These folks didn’t take themselves overly seriously, especially Hansen, and just rolled with it and it works.

The effects are a mixed bag, much of it is decent, but there are a few scenes of bad/out dated CGI mosquitos. The production value, in general, is fairly low.

Overall the movie is a wonderfully cheesy, low budget, indie romp of exactly the type I routinely seek out. I think it’s even worth revisiting.

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