The ABC’s of Death (2012) – Film

“The ABC’s of Death”

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A is for Apocalypse… F is for Fart… W is for WTF?  This anthology film has 26 different tales from 26 different directors each assigned a letter of the alphabet on which to base their shorts.   All of which have one thing in common: a way to die. 

This collection of  shorts showcases the diversity and expanse of the modern horror genre.  You can expect everything from animation to claymation to CGI.   You will find seriously disturbing social commentaries,  fantasy worlds,  dystopian societies, and straight up visual chaos with commentary.    To be honest, I spent half the film asking “WTF did I just see?”  Which I can’t really explain in detail without spoiling and, by now dear Reader, I hope you’ve caught on to the fact that I’m not a fan of spoilers.  What I will say is that each director had complete creative control over how to do his/her segment. Some used it as excuse to live out sexual fantasies, some to explore odd fascinations or perversions, more than a couple toilet fetishes, some were truly creative and some extremely literal.  All were unique.

The framework of the film was nice and consistent, I liked the title  at the end of each short to segue into the next, it didn’t color my expectations of what the story was about before I viewed it.

For originality, because I kept watching and wondering what the next director was going to do to surprise me.  Because I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen, even though I didn’t care for all of the individual shorts, I gave this 3 1/2 pints.

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