Popcorn (1991) – Film


Movie #16 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge.

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For a college project a film class is revitalizing an old local movie theater and playing classic horror movies for Halloween marathon. Unfortunately the theater has a dark and violent past and certain students and their families have a connection to that past.

Full of creative kill scenes (I particularly love the giant mosquito on a zipline), an interesting if predictable villain, plenty of familiar faces from 80’s horror, and a title telling you in no uncertain terms what kind of film this is (a popcorn flick) it has plenty of entertainment value.

Featuring genre favorites, Jill Schoelen, as our heroine, Maggie, and Dee Wallace, as her Aunt Suzanne, this modern-classic slant on The Phantom of the Opera is a must watch for horror fans.

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