American Vampire (1997) – Film

“American Vampire (or An American Vampire Story)”

Day 22 of the 2022 31-Days of Horror

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A friend had recently posted the quote “Do you girls know how to Jamaica Ska?” Which amused me tremendously since I hadn’t thought about that movie in ages. Then, I saw a screen grab of Zombie Nightmare with Adam West and I just KNEW I needed to watch this.

So, we have Frankie and Bogie hanging out on the beach when Bogie is attacked by a bat. Suddenly, a mysterious man who calls himself Moondoggie (imagine a sinister Don Rickles), comes to make sure they’re okay. With much reluctance from Frankie, they agree to have a party at Frankie’s house later. Moondoggie show up with 2 beautiful women (one of them Carmen Electra) and a creepy cook (Sydney Lassick). Frankie’s girlfriend DeeDee shows up the next day and they eventually realize their guests are vampires. Frankie then recruits the assistance of the most famous Vampire hunter, The Big Kahuna, none other that Batman himself, Adam West.

Yeah. Exactly like it sounds. The classic beach party movies but with vampires.

This will always be somewhere on my “horror movies to watch” list because Adam West.

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