Toxic Tutu (2017) – Film

“Toxic Tutu”

Day 7 of the 2023 31-Days of Horror

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Mark Torgl, who played Melvin the Mop Boy in Troma’s The Toxic Avenger then disappeared for 30 years, has come back for a convention and wants his fans to know the truth about what happened to him.

This (not Troma made) mockumentary about Mark Torgl was too slow and a bit all over the place, but nonetheless amusing. Much of the film is people trying to find out the truth about the toxic waste that was used as a prop in The Toxic Avenger. Allegedly, the prop lady used real toxic waste instead of finding or creating a prop.

Low budget, low production value, clearly made by fans who love The Toxic Avenger and filmed much of the footage at fan conventions. The reveal, when it finally comes, wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was close. It was enjoyable for a one time watch, but I probably won’t revisit. I gave this 2 glasses of wine.

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